From Working Desks to the Court: Teamwork and Triumph at the PANDR Sportsfest 2023

From Working Desks to the Court: Teamwork and Triumph at the PANDR Sportsfest 2023

Filled with excitement and buzzing with anticipation, the PANDR Team traded their corporate attires for some activewear for the second edition of the much beloved event, the PANDR Sportsfest.

For this year’s festivities, PANDR continued its celebration of camaraderie, athleticism, and unity within the community with Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, and Chess for the sports events, and the much anticipated Mr. & Ms. PANDR 2023 pageant.

The heart of the Sports Fest was undoubtedly the sports events and the Mr. & Ms. PANDR pageant, wherein the teams’ representatives showed their impressive skills and undeterred teamwork as they go through the day filled to the brim with events, still full of energy.

Here are the highlights of the event:


One of the crowd favourites, the first sports event of the day showed both of the teams’ physical prowess, as well as their effective strategies. While the Basketball Men’s category is a display of stellar mastery of the court, the laid-back and out-of-the-books approach of the Basketball Women’s category proved to be more amusing, and generated not only cheers, but hearty laughs from the audience.


Sparks flew and adrenaline surged as the volleyball court turned into a battleground, the clash between the Grizzlies and the Tigers was nothing short of epic.

In a display of sheer power and coordination, the Grizzlies’ team dominated the net with thunderous spikes and impenetrable blocks for the Men’s category. On the Women’s side, the Grizzlies again soared with finesse and strategy, orchestrating seamless plays and showcasing their remarkable teamwork. Both teams’ unity earned them a well-deserved victory and the adoration of the crowd.


The Badminton showdown unleashed a whirlwind of skill and agility, and had everyone on the edge of their seats as the racquets sang and the shuttlecocks soared.

The Tigers’ Men’s team delivered powerful smashes and precise drops that secured their victory, proving their dominance on the badminton battlefield. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies’ Women’s team demonstrated their unwavering determination and finesse, strategically placing shots and swiftly covering the court. Their teamwork and strategic plays earned them the top spot, showcasing their skills in the game.


Taking a breather from the physically arduous sports events of the day, representatives for the Chess competition gave a masterclass on intellectual skills and strategic thinking. The chess matches between the teams delivered on their promise of strategy and suspense, with the friendly rivalry between the Grizzlies and the Tigers adding an extra layer of excitement to each match, leading to some memorable games.

In the end, the Tigers emerged victorious in both categories, showcasing tactical brilliance and exceptional composure under pressure.

Mr. & Ms. PANDR

The final event for the day showcased the beauty and wit of PANDR employees as they graced the stage for the Mr. & Ms. PANDR pageant. The contestants impressed the audience in their Festival Attires, Sports Attires, and Evening Attires. After their display of beauty and giving excellent statements in the Question and Answer portion, Mr. Vince Carcido and Ms. Aileen Concepcion, both from the Ferocious Tigers took home the crowns as the Mr. & Ms. PANDR, respectively. The newly minted King and Queen also took home a cash prize of Php 5,000.00 each.

With the competitions for the day done and the scores tallied, the Ferocious Tigers emerged as the winning team for this edition of the PANDR Sportsfest, taking the grand prize of Php 20,000.00. The Top-Tier Tigers also left with a smile on their faces, as they still won a consolation prize of Php 10,000.00.

We close this chapter on PANDR’s Sportsfest 2023 with a clearer image of the unwavering passion and determination, and the amazing achievements of our employees. Now, we look forward to the continuation of this beloved event in the coming years, eagerly anticipating the growth and further improvement that will undoubtedly be upon us.

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