PANDR Outsourcing hailed Best Trusted BPO Company during the Golden Globe Annual Awards

PANDR Outsourcing hailed Best Trusted BPO Company during the Golden Globe Annual Awards

PANDR Outsourcing was recognized and celebrated for its exceptional accomplishments in the field of Business Process Outsourcing during the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Outstanding Filipino Achievers held at the Manila Hotel.

About the Golden Globe Annual Awards

Established in 2005, the Golden Globe Annual Awards is a prestigious award-giving body that honors prominent businesses and individuals that play an important part in society.

Co-Founder and CEO, Anthony Gunter was honored to receive this recognition, naming PANDR Outsourcing as the country’s Best Trusted BPO company for 2023.

Throughout its journey, PANDR has always acknowledged how its contributions, efforts, and unwavering dedication have significantly uplifted the lives of many Filipinos.

“While our clients enjoy a highly talented workforce, our employees benefit from job security and a better work-life balance closer to their homes. PANDR’s commitment to improving lives goes beyond typical business goals, embracing the power of a purpose-driven enterprise.”

A New Milestone Achieved

The innovative BPO company extends heartfelt gratitude to each team member for their well-deserved recognition and for achieving this significant milestone, representing excellence in their respective fields.

“We would like to thank our dedicated team members for making this achievement possible. Your trust, hard work, and commitment have propelled us to new heights and helped us overcome challenges along the way. Let’s continue to make a difference in the outsourcing and offshoring industry together.”

PANDR affirms its commitment to providing unhampered service, delivering exceptional results to clients worldwide, and creating even greater opportunities for the Filipino workforce in the years ahead.

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