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PANDR has a talent pool of over 50 of Australia's most qualified Estimators, Architectural Designers and Contract Administrators to help get your building project on track and on budget.

Your Outsourced Business Partner

You Focus on Your Core Business & Let a PANDR do the Estimating, Designing & Managing or you.

PANDR Outsourcing boasts the most experienced and highest quality staff members for Estimators, Architectural Designers, and Contract Administrators. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals, each with many years of experience in their respective fields. Estimators provide precise cost assessments, ensuring budget accuracy. Architectural Designers bring innovative and practical solutions to every project, reflecting a deep understanding of design principles. Contract Administrators meticulously manage project contracts, ensuring compliance and smooth execution. PANDR Outsourcing has a talent pool of over 50 high quality candidates for you to choose from.

Fully Managed
We find, train and onboard your new team members so you don't have to.
Big Savings
Save over 60% and pay No Payroll Tax, No Super, No Workcover.
The Most Loyal Staff
97% of our staff members stay with the company for over 5 years.
The Most Experienced & Best Trained Offshore Staff

Experienced Estimators, Designers & Contract Managers with Experience at Companies Like Metricon, Lend Lease & More.

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